The Art Of
Fine Gardening

The Greek Gardener is a professional gardening service specializing in:

  • Landscape maintenance
  • Perennial gardening
  • Ornamental pruning
  • Garden restoration and design

Summer Is Here

Things to do in your summer garden:

  • No drastic pruning of spring flowering shrubs; the rule is 4 weeks post-bloom
  • Weed weed weed/water water water
  • Mid-august divide and transplant fall and spring flowering plants
  • Avoid planting in hot sun-wait for overcast day or later in the day
  • Bearded iris should be divided and transplanted in July
  • Deadhead spent blooms throughout the summer
  • Weed when soil is damp
  • Do not fertilize in summer except roses, butterfly bush, repeat and heavy feeders, using fish emulsion
  • Feed container plants at least every 2 weeks

If you would like to be put on the schedule for this season, please contact us or call (860) 235-3236 and speak to Cheryl for a free consultation.

Summer gardening tips